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At Northern, we assist hundreds of thousands of customers to get where they need to go by offering a dependable and welcoming rail service. That amounts to more than 2,000 services operating daily, visiting more than 500 locations.

For the benefit of the North, we are here. And to do that, a new kind of work must be created. One that respects uniqueness and revels in diversity. Somewhere where we can collaborate, have fun, and go above and beyond to improve the lives of our consumers. In this setting, everyone is encouraged to learn, develop, and grow so that we may all perform at our highest level every day.

You could contribute to making it happen if you're as intelligent, forward-thinking, passionate, and full of new ideas as we are.

As a Senior Team Leader, you will play a key role in ensuring that our trains are serviced, maintained, and repaired while always adhering to protocols and requirements. To keep the Production Managers and Maintenance Controllers at our Train Care Centers informed about the workload assigned at depot and outstation sites, you will be asked to communicate with them regularly.

If you want to be a part of the team that makes this happen, this role might be for you. You'll be responsible for ensuring Northern's franchise commitments' successful and safe delivery by providing that Northern's reliability and availability targets are continuously reached.

We are searching for those who have successfully completed a level 3 NVQ or an apprenticeship that is recognized. You must be well-verssolisolidoperating and maintaining tunes for vehicles. You must also have a solid technical understanding of both mechanical and electrical skills.

Your ability to lead others and train, develop, and inspire your team will be your most vital qualities if you want to pursue a career as a senior team leader. You will also help the section and new members by communicating our high standards to them. Communication is essential to guarantee a secure atmosphere for everyone around you, and you must make sure you are exceptional at adhering to regulations and procedures. You must be able to work in a dynamic atmosphere and be adaptable enough to handle shifting needs.

We will teach you everything you need to know. Still, you must demonstrate motivation to work toward a general safety awareness course (or courses), which may include manual handling techniques, fire safety, and COSSH. However, as previously said, we need you to be qualified in competency assessment to recognized standards.

All applicants go through a shortlisting process as part of our hiring process, and those who are chosen receive invitations to an interview. We have a zero-tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol on the railway, so if you fit the level we're looking for, you'll be invited to a safety essential medical evaluation that covers general health, vision, hearing, color vision, and drug and alcohol testing.

We've developed a benefits package that we hope you'll love because we value and reward hard work among our employees. 

Opportunities for growth and advancement include extensive training programs and various online learning courses.

Free travel on Northern services is available to all employees, partners, spouses, and dependents across our whole network of services.

Application of specific eligibility requirements.

After two years with us, you'll also receive cheap travel on various other rail services in the UK and Europe. 75% off with other train operating companies.

You won't often find a pension as good as a Northern pension, and we generously top up your pension by 1.5 times your contribution. Defined Benefit Pension Scheme

Cycle to Work Program: Spread out your payments over the year and save up to 42% on purchasing a bike.

We let our employees know they are valued through our recognition programs, which range from our Loyalty Awards ceremonies to our Proud to be Northern Awards.

Our tremendously generous holiday entitlements can make you feel like you, too, can take a vacation.

We go above and beyond the norm with our maternity and paternity benefits, giving mothers 9 months of paid leave and giving fathers 2 weeks of paid paternity leave.

Enjoy retail discounts, immediate vouchers, cashback, wellness support, and exclusive benefits with Northern Perks.

We support diversity and inclusion at work and are an equal-opportunity employer.

Additionally, we are recognized as Disability Confident, demonstrating our dedication to maximizing the skills people with disabilities can contribute to the workplace.

Able to assist our clients in doing what they need to do? Telling us more about what you do will help you get started. Simply fill out our online application form, and we'll contact you to let you know what happens next.

Important: If Northern receives many applications, the advertisement may close before closing. In this case, applications that are just partially completed won't be advanced or given additional time to finish.

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