Latest Team Leader Jobs In Urban Outfitters Manchester UK

Job's Overview


The primary goal of this position is to assist the store management team in creating a store environment that promotes innovation, employee growth, and the VIBE concept. To uphold the "Peers Training Peers" philosophy of Urban Outfitters.


Capable of recruiting, motivating, developing, and leading a team

Manage performance development components within the department team (Performance Appraisals, Individual Development Plans, Coaching and Counseling, and Disciplinary actions)

Rec, recognize, and nurture talented individuals for organizational success and growth.

Maintain company standards and serve as a positive role model for others.

Communication and leadership:

Set a good example through inspiring, motivating, and fostering teamwork.

Hold effective daily meetings to ensure that objectives are reached.

Delegate projects effectively while leaving others free to succeed by making their own decisions.

Excellent written and vocal communication skills are required.

Environmental Management:

Set daily goals and expectations for all levels of customer service to establish a pleasant store atmosphere.

Train and teach the store crew on customer service, standards, product placement, and time management to ensure they have an excellent floor presence.

Maintain the Company's customer service standard to achieve Company-average mystery shop outcomes.


All store-level operating operations must be completed accurately and on time, per all Company policies and procedures.

Meet store stock loss targets by ensuring that loss prevention policies are followed.

Assist in maintaining Company Health & Safety rules at all times to protect employees and customers from accidents and problems.

Display and merchandising:

In coordination with the Department Manager (if applicable) or Visual Merchandising Manager, manage parts of the given department such as training, shipment placement, markdowns, transfers, merchandising, and store standards.

Recognize and evaluate current fashion trends in local markets to offer innovative solutions.

Take an active role in ensuring that floor setups for the department are adequately organized and scheduled.

Commercial Sensitivity:

Maximize departmental sales by managing items analytically and creatively from receipt to sale.

Make use of company reports to respond to trends and boost business.

Maintain current trends and a thorough understanding of customer profiles by staying contemporary with external influences such as the media and the local community.

Manage stock levels correctly (while keeping the retail environment in mind) by comprehending key reports and market trends.

Showcase your entrepreneurial talents by meeting and exceeding store goals.

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience Required

Worked in a management position in a fast-paced, high-volume fashion retail industry.

Exhibits good operational abilities

An awareness of Urban Outfitters culture and its local market appeal

Capability to boost sales through exceptional customer service, an excellent visual presentation, and a thorough understanding of the business

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