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10 strange school rules in north Korea

10 strange school rules in north Korea

It's important to note that the information regarding North Korea's school rules can be challenging to verify due to limited access and restrictions on information flow from the country. Additionally, the situation may vary over time and between different schools. Nevertheless, here are ten rules that have been reported or speculated upon in various sources:

1. Mandatory attendance at political education sessions: 

North Korean students are required to participate in regular political education sessions to instill loyalty and obedience to the country's political system and its leaders.

2. Dress code regulations: 

Students are expected to adhere to strict dress codes, including specific hairstyles and uniforms that reflect loyalty to the state. For example, boys may be required to maintain short haircuts, while girls may have to tie their hair in a particular style.

3. Ban on unauthorized hairstyles: 

Certain hairstyles, such as Western styles or those associated with South Korean culture, may be forbidden. The government often enforces a limited range of approved hairstyles.

4. Worship of the leaders: 

Students are expected to pay homage to North Korea's leaders, particularly Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il, and Kim Jong-un. They may be required to participate in ceremonies or engage in activities that venerate the leaders.

5. Restricted internet access: 

North Korean schools generally have limited or no access to the internet, isolating students from the outside world and controlling the flow of information.

6. Strict censorship of materials: 

School textbooks and reading materials undergo rigorous censorship to ensure they align with the government's ideology. Information critical of the regime or promoting ideas contrary to state ideology is often omitted.

7. Focus on political ideology: 

A significant portion of the curriculum is dedicated to studying the country's political ideology, Juche. Students learn about the Kim family's leadership, the concept of self-reliance, and the importance of maintaining a strong socialist system.

8. Surveillance and reporting: 

Students are encouraged to report any behavior or statements that may be seen as dissent or criticism of the government. The education system promotes a culture of surveillance and loyalty to the state.

9. Limited extracurricular activities: 

The emphasis on ideological education often restricts the availability of traditional extracurricular activities. Activities that do exist are typically focused on promoting state ideology or physical training.

10. Strict control over foreign influences: 

North Korean schools tightly control exposure to foreign cultures and ideas. Foreign music, movies, and literature are generally prohibited, and interactions with foreigners are limited.

Please keep in mind that the information provided is based on accounts from various sources, and the actual rules and practices in North Korean schools may vary or change.

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